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This Week!

September 23-24, 2017 Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost   WORSHIP LAST WEEKEND IN GOD’S HOUSE: 259 6:00pm – 67; 7:45am – 69; 10:30am – 123; PRAY 30 MINUTES A DAY WEEKLY PRAYER NEEDS Health Concerns Jack Knoll                                                            Fran Stake Mitzie Gerhing                                                                               Marilyn Borhart                                                                               Joe Dittrich Other Needs Dear God,   I pray for Your strength over all new believers in the world. Lord encourage the new believers to increase in their Faith. Lord, allow for nothing to separate them from the…

Our Mission

We exist to equip people so that we are Connecting with the Triune God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Growing as His disciples, and Living out our faith missionally, These terms can mean different things to different people; however at St. John’s, we flesh out these terms like this… Connecting with the Triune God In worship and Living each day in His Grace Growing as His disciples by Daily prayer Daily Bible Study Developing nurturing relationships to encourage spiritual growth Showing…